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Grinding your teenth

Do you grind your teeth at nights?  Do you know if you are even grinding your teeth as you are sleeping?  Do you suffer from headaches?  Well the fact of the matter is that whose who grind their teeth tend to suffer headaches.  The medical term for the habit of grinding one’s teeth is called “Bruxism”.

In sever cases of Bruxism, you can damage your jaw and hearing.  There are two ways to know if you grind your teeth at night: (1) if your partner complains or tells you about it because then can hear it, or (2) after a night of sleep your jaw aches or you suffer from persistent headaches.   If you think you might suffer from Bruxism, then you should schedule a check up with your local dentist for a solution.


Stand Alone Insurance Policy

There are to types of dental insurance policies: (1) stand alone and (2) those tied to a health insurance policy.  A stand alone insurance policy is just like it is sounds.  It is a insurance policy that exists on its own and is not part of a larger health or vision insurance policy.  You buy the policy for your dental needs only.  There are a number of insurance company that provide this policy in the State of Washington.

Most policy are offered to individuals age 18 and over, their spouse, and their eligible dependents (unmarried children from birth to age 19 or 23 if full time students.  Coverage can also be obtained by individuals and their spouse ages 65 and older.  The prices will vary depending on the extend and type of coverage which we will cover in more dept in future addictions to our site.


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