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Individual dental insurance

The best type of individual dental insurance – especially for those working for themselves – is a dental comprehensive plan. However, if cost is an issue, there are cheaper option. In general oral dental procedures are expensive.  In deciding which insurance company to go with and which policy to buy, look at the the premium and see what they pay for.  If the policy is still too high apply for a dental discount card. In the United States, dental discount cards are designed to help individuals and families save money on oral health. Participating dentists will offer you a reduced fee for their services to members. However, the Dental Discount Card this is not an insurance plan, it is a discount program. The discount card offers between a 10 to 60 percent savings. You can choose from over 30 regional and national plans with more than 100,000 participating dentists. Joining is easy quick.  You can even apply for the Dental Discount Card online.  Its amazing how things have changed.  As an alternative, there is a way to get individual insurance policy, if cost is still a barrier, by qualifying for a low-cost policy. Generally, if you teeth are healthy then you just need a basic prevent care policy.  If you anticipate needing major work in the upcoming year then you will need to pay more to get that work done. Individual operators are often the best because they have less monthly expenses than large firms. This enables them to give you a substantial discounts. Many self-employed people sign up for a dental indemnity plan which is also called a fee for service dental plan.

A dental indemnity plan or a fee for service dental plan, you can choose any dentist. You do not have to obtain referrals but you may have to get prior authorization for some oral procedures. A deductible is involved in an indemnity plan. The policy will pay a percentage of the UCR (usual, customary, and reasonable) cost. Typically, the ratio is 80 to 20% which means the insurance company pays 80% and you pay 20%.

Free Dental insurance

Have no dental insurance and my wisdom tooth that’s infected and severely hurting me. After doing some research I found out that most states have free dental programs for people like me. The University of Washington School of Dentistry runs clinics that offer services in every area of dentistry and oral health. The work is done by students, residents and faculty, and the cost is generally lower than what it would be at a private practice. Some community clinics offer low-cost or free dental care to people with low incomes. Although the Washington State Department of Health does not provide direct oral health services, their website does have numerous links to local dental services. University of Washington School of Dentistry worked on my teeth for free, didn’t need dental insurance.